PeerMonitor change log

KEY:   + Added feature   F Fixed issue   PM Peer Monitor main program
Version 1.6

+ Added Email alerts
+ Added dynamic DNS
+ Added TraceRoot button
+ Added Minimise to system tray button
+ Added measurement of trip time rather than relying on ICMP.dll
+ Added Fail Count display
+ Added logging
+ Added ability to specify ICMP string length
F Merged mail/sound/hosts config files into one
F Changed mail/sound checkboxes so they become disabled rather than invisible
	 when mail/sound disabled
F Changed the location of the registry options to be HKLM, since if a second 
	user uninstalled PM, the first user's HKCU settings were not removed.
	This means that NT users share the same settings now, but this is no
	big deal as they have to use the sames host list anyway!
+ Allowed use of sound alerts when at least on of your CHOSEN hosts is red.
F Fixed error where null or invalid lines in config file caused fatal errors.
+ Displays ICMP round trip time.
F Fixed bug in 1.5 where a refresh rate over 60sec caused a fatal error (oops).
+ Added registration requirement, as this will allow me to easily keep track of 
	how many downloads I've had, from all different sites.
+ Use of Orange hosts. If a ping request is returned, but takes longer than 
	a user-definable time, this host appears orange.
+ Added support infomation to Add/Remove programs entry
F Fixed bug where wrong icon showed up in Add/Remove programs entry

PM Config
+ Added Email alert config and email options
+ Added Fail Count display option
+ Added logging options
+ Sound config options
+ ICMP string length config
+ Added Dynamic DNS features and timeout settings
+ Big change in design to allow many hosts to be view without making the 
	progam scroll of the bottom of the screen.
+ Choice of classic view (more hosts make program interface grow)
	or use of scrolling list.  Allow size of window and scrolling 
	threshold to be specified.
+ Orange hosts.
+ Allowed time-out for ICMP to be set

PM Repair
F Fixed error when changing to a drive that is not availale - 
	it used to give two error messages, now corrected 
	to give only one.

Version 1.5

+ Added two-column support
+ Added useful debug info to Tool Tip help and to host buttons popup menu
+ Added self repositioning
+ Crops long host names if wanted
+ Refresh rate variable
+ Program now loads BEFORE it tests the hosts for the first time
	(previously one had to wait for all hosts to pinged before
	the interface showed, which looked like a hang).

PM Config
F Fixed problem with "Save Changes?"
+ Options for cropping, 2-columns
+ Refresh rate setting

From our users:
"It was surprisingly hard to find a simple ping-and-email tool."
- John