Features of PeerMonitor

Simple to use
A red, orange, or green light is displayed next to the names of your chosen hosts immediatly indicates status:

Email alerts
Have an email sent to you when a (given) host come up or goes down. The tolerance before a warning email is sent is user-specifiable (for example, allow 3 failures before emailing you)

Sound alerts
A chosen or default sound plays for any hosts YOU CHOOSE to use sound when they are red:

Easy to configure
A dedicated program, PMConfig, allows you to list your hosts and resolve to IPs and change all the settings.
PM uses IPs rather than real hostnames as this allows you to use FRIENDLY names on the program interface - for example, "Firewall" is easier to read and identify than "":

Debugging information
When a host is green you can click the button to see its round trip time (time the ping request took to respond). When it is red you can see the reason WHY the ping was returned - subnet not available, request timed out, bad address, etc.

ICMP options
You can specify the useful ICMP options - time out and packet size:

Built-in help
The program has help built-in, and lets you post a support call via email or to the forum directly from the program interface.

Dynamic DNS
You can not only resolve host names during configuration time but specify that these host names must be resolved dynamically at startup and periodically.

From our users:
"It was surprisingly hard to find a simple ping-and-email tool."
- John