Known issues with PeerMonitor

PM claims success when you do not allow it to access the internet using ZoneAlarm 2.6
1.6 & lower
Zone Alarm asks you if you wish to allow PM to access the internet, and you choose "no". Then PM says that the pings were successful.
Cause: ZA denys the Windows ICMP.dll access to the Internet, and in doing so returns "success" to PM. PM then displays "success".
Cure: When asked if you wish PM to access the Internet, answer "yes". Or, use a better firewall - like WinRoute 4.1

Mail server rejects email address
1.6 & lower
When you try to send a support call or have an alert sent to you, the program tell you the email address was rejected by the mail server (step 4).
This is NOT a bug: Your mailserver is not configured to accept mail from you or for you. Perhaps you are at a restricted IP? Try a different email address or server.

Mails failed when using Microsoft ESMTP Server
1.6.64 & lower
Get an error on "Step 3" when sending a warning email. This was caused by a erro in the SMTP engine - it printed the friendly name at the "mail from" stage. Most servers tolerated this, but MS-ESMTP was strict and wanted only the address here. Cured.
FIX: Use the latest version (1/6/65 and higher)

Uninstalling when logged-on a a different user
Does not remove all traces of itself in the registry: namely, it does not remove settings from other users' registry hives (HKCU).
FIX: Log on as the other user and delete [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software \VB and VBA Program Settings \PeerMonitor], delete the entire key. Or get the latest version

Wrong icon showing in Add/Remove programs
The PMRepair icon (lightning flash) shows up in Add/Remove Programs rather than the green PM icon. The installer program does not record the correct execuatable file to use as the icon source.
FIX: In [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Uninstall \Peer Monitor 1.4] create a new string value, "DisplayIcon", and set it to the full path to your PM execuatable, for example "C:\program files \peer monitor \peermonitor.exe". Or get the latest version

Host list grows off screen
Not so much a bug, as this means that there is an error in the code, as a feature (really!). This was more of an underestimate of the popularity of the program: people use it at work to monitor 50-odd hosts, meansing the program expands off the screen.
FIX: Get the latest version. Two-column support was added in v1.5

From our users:
"It was surprisingly hard to find a simple ping-and-email tool."
- John